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24-7 Ride’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is the gratuity included in the fare?

Fares do not include Gratuity. If you wish to tip your driver, it would be greatly appreciate. You may do so at the end of your trip with cash or have the driver add your desired dollar amount or percentage to your reservation. we will then send you an updated receipt to your email.

Do you charge any taxes in addition to the fare?

We do not charge any tax on our fares.

Do we have to share the vehicle with other passengers?

No. We only provide private non-stop services.

Are all the passengers included in the fare I was quoted?

Yes. the fare is based on the total number of passengers you have entered.

What time should I select for my pickup time at the airport?

We suggest 20 minutes after your domestic flight arrival time, and 45 minutes after your international flight arrival time.

What if my flight is delayed, or arrives early?

If you have provided us with correct flight information, we will monitor your arrival flight. We do not penalize you for any flight delays
At the same time, if your flight comes in early, you are to wait for your scheduled pickup time. However, we will always do our best to get a driver to you earlier.

Where do I meet my driver when I arrive at the airport?

Right in front of your terminal. Do Not go to Uber/Lyft/Taxi transportation lot outside the airport. Your driver will be waiting by the airport excepting your call. He will then drive up to you within minutes in front of your terminal.

Will you notify me once a driver is assigned to my reservation?

We will receive an email and a text with your driver’s contact information prior to 6:00 pm the night before your arrival/departure. If this is a last minute reservation for the same day, you will receive this information as soon as a drive is assigned.

Change/cancel an existing reservation.

Via email or over the phone with one of our agents. Changes will not be considered final or confirmed until you receive in writing an email from 24-7 RIDE  confirming the changes. Leaving voice mails are not considered a valid form of communication.


No charges for rescheduling your reservation as long as we are notified prior to a driver being assigned to you. You will be notified via email once a driver has been assigned to you.

There will be a 20% charge if you reschedule your reservation after you have been assigned a driver.

There will be no refund if you request to reschedule your reservation while driver is already in route or already at the pickup location and a new reservation needs to be made.


There will be a 5% cancellation fee for any reservations cancelled more than 24 hours prior to your pickup time.

No refund should you choose to cancel your reservation within 24 hours of your pickup time.


Refunds usually show in your account within 21 days.

Waiting Charges

Airport/Port arrivals – first 20 minutes for domestic and first 45 minutes for international flight arrival time are for free and $1.50 for each additional minute.  (Flight delays do not count towards your waiting time)

From residence, first 10 minutes are free. $1.50 for each additional minute.

What are the restrictions on luggage?

It is best to always follow luggage policy of the airlines. A good rule of thumb is two checked bags and one carry on. If your checked bags exceed 50 pounds or the total dimensions for the checked bags exceed 80 inches (add length + width + height), or if you’ll be carrying a surfboard, crate, skis or other large items, please call our customer service to provide you with an appropriate vehicle that will accommodate you.

What are the Child Safety Seats / Pets requirements?

24-7 RIDE recommends that small children 5 years and under be secured in a child restraint seat for transportation. Additionally, shuttle – companies do not provide child restraint seats. It is the responsibility of a child’s parent or caregiver to provide the Child Restraint System  when transporting children in van and/or private sedan.

Who can I call for Lost & Found?

For lost items please call us at 888.700.1222 or e-mail us at customerservice@24-7RIDE.com